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Quad Blogging on November 12, 2012!

Hello, friends around the world!

Last week we blogged about the following comment by an American mathematician, Howard Eves.

“An expert problem solver must be endowed with two incompatible qualities, a restless imagination and a patient pertinacity.” (Pertinacity means persistence!)

We tried to think of a time in our lives when we’d had a problem to solve … not necessarily a math problem at school! :-) You can read some of our thoughts by clicking on the “Student Blogs” link below. Either by commenting on a student’s blog, or commenting here on my blog, we wonder ….. what do you think it takes to be an expert problem solver?



Problem Solving

Howard Eves, an American mathematician, said this of problem-solving, “An expert problem solver must be endowed with two incompatible qualities, a restless imagination and a patient pertinacity (pertinacity means persistence).” Think of a time in your life when you’ve had a problem to solve … it doesn’t have to be a math problem at school! :-) In your own words, what does it take to be an expert problem solver?

Your response should have a topic sentence, two to three supporting details, and a strong conclusion to be an excellent paragraph for your blog. If you’d like, once your writing is completed, you could create or find an image that also describes what an expert problem solver “looks like” to you, and add this image to your post. Be sure to cite the source of your image if you choose to download an image from the internet.

Once your post is written, you may go back to Mr. Alderice’s blog from last week, read his students’ responses to your math questions, and leave a comment or two for them. Remember, an excellent comment is thoughtful; for example, begin your comment with statements such as, “I wonder…” or “I notice …” Do not use chat or Facebook lingo for these conversations. Check your spelling and punctuation before you submit your comment as well! And have fun talking with friends around the world! :-)


Quad Blogging with Mr. Alderdice

Hi class!

We have a message from Mr. Alderdice, our partner teacher from England. Please see his message below:

It is my class’ quad-blogging turn this week so I have put a post up entitled: Ask 6b.

If you can, it would be great if you can have your children pose questions to my class. The questions can be academic or related to anything else that the children choose. For example, they could ask a general knowledge question, pose a maths problem, ask them to improve a sentence which they wrote or even just ask them to name all the members of (insert name of pop group here!). I really don’t mind.

When your children ask the questions, my class will respond throughout the week so please encourage your children to ask as often as they can. Hopefully, this will be quite a fun activity for all of the children involved.


Here is Mr. Alderdice’s class blog. To leave a comment, click on “Replies” in tiny blue letters at the end of the blog post. Please be sure your writing is done with excellence, meaning your thoughts are clear, and your capitalization, spelling, usage, and punctuation is correct to the best of your ability. Have fun!


Student Blogs

To my quad-blogging friends! You are probably curious to see our student blogs. Please click on the link below to see them all listed on my NetVibes page. They are organized by block; as you can see, the students are divided among three blocks that I teach during the day. They use this blog for writing in all of their classes, not only math, but language arts, social studies, and science as well. Enjoy looking around!

Student Blogs


A Quad Blogging Tip

Hi friends from around the world!

You’ve helped me learn that my Math 1, Math 2, and Math 3 pages on the side of my blog are somewhat confusing to students. Thanks for helping me figure this out! I think it will be best if I delete them for now. When you respond to our home page, be sure to Comment on the Quad Blogging post, not on any of the Math pages. If I accidentally delete any of your wonderful posts, I am so sorry … please post again! We absolutely love getting to know you all.

Thanks so much!

Mrs. McQueeney


Quad Blogging – A Math Question

Hi everyone! We’ve had our first snow on Pikes Peak mountain, and the aspen trees of Colorado are turning bright gold. Fall is here!

Last week, our class considered this question:
“The International Math Committee has selected you to rename the term “even number.” What will you call it? Give reasons for the new name.”

Now that we’ve put some thought into this question, we’re curious how you would respond. Let us know!

Mrs. McQueeney


Quad Blogging

To be truly 21st century learners, you all must find ways to communicate your ideas and collaborate with others around the world. As a first step to helping you achieve this goal, our class will begin Quad Blogging this week with schools from Australia and New Zealand! What an exciting opportunity for us!

Let’s begin by finding out a little more about Quad Blogging. Once you’ve read the page about the goal of quad blogging, take the time to watch the video from kids who have communicated with others through blogging. Then follow the steps below to complete your first post:
Quad Blogging:

1. Go to your BlogPress app.
2. Title a new post “Manitou and Me!”
3. Write one great sentence describing what you most look forward to doing with your free time.
4. Write another great sentence about going to school at Manitou Springs Middle School, or describe what you love about living in Manitou Springs, Colorado! Your sentence should have descriptive details … use your words to create an imagery of our place.
5. Have a friend read your sentences. Ask them for editing corrections.
6. Edit your sentences until you feel they are excellent! Remember, you are sending this work around the world.

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Hi! My name is Mrs. McQueeney, and I’ll be your math teacher this year! Road biking is a new adventure for me; last summer I biked across the state of Iowa with 17,000 other riders! I learned again what it’s like to be a learner … to set goals and push through challenges to achieve them. I’m so looking forward to meeting all of you and working together on your learning goals for this year!

Our goal this year as a class is to customize your learning as much as possible. This means you will have choice in what you’re learning. You are always responsible for the 6th grade math learning target of the week, which you can find on the Google class calendar. But if necessary, you will also have time to go back and relearn some things you struggled with in 5th grade. Or, as you’re ready, you may move ahead to more advanced math concepts. The choices are all dependent on what you need and what you’d like to accomplish in math this year.

On this blog, you and your parents can read updates on how our learning is going in math. You can also find more information about specific assignments and web links on my wikispace. One exciting thing we’ll do this year is set up your own personal math blogs. Once they’re up and running, you can share your blogs with each other and with your families. This will be another great way to stay current with what we’re learning.

Any time you have questions or thoughts, you can leave a comment on this blog, or email me at

See you August 22th at the Mustang Round-Up!


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